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FolderSizes 6.1.60 Professional

FolderSizes 6.1.60 Professional

FolderSizes 6.1.60 Professional

FolderSizes 6.1.60 Professional tidak jauh seperti aplikasi utility lainnya, aplikasi ini akan memanage file yang ada di hardisk kita seperti informasi rinci tentang jumlah folder yang ada, ruang hardisk yang tersedia dll. serta aplikasi ini akan memberikan keterangan melalui tampilan grafik mengenai ruang dalam hardisk kita.

Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan sobat untuk mencobanya sendiri atau hanya sekedar untuk menambah koleksi sobat saja, yu langsung aja kita ke Te Ka Pe .....

Untuk versi sebelumnya :
FolderSizes Pro.v6.0

English Info
FolderSizes 6.1.60 Professional software is a powerful tool for analysis and disk space is managed. FolderSizes detailed and accurate reports of the amount of disk space used you as soon as Vgrafyky graphing and dynamic, while scanning your system offers. You can also program by the following partial list or a folder by double-clicking the chart image into a depth that makes it possible for you to quickly source, excessive to determine the location and identify the hard drive ENTER.

Features software FolderSizes:
- Explore, visualize and understand and maintain local networks
- Reclaim gigabytes of disk space by deleting unused files
- Increased storage capacity planning capability
- Identify the file system data
- Disk space occupied by only a few clicks
- Manage and monitor disk space across the network
- Report the disk usage for sharing web server
- Streamline file systems to optimize backups
- Monitoring and implementation of storage policy
- Find excessively long file names
- Find recently saved files without knowing their name
- View individual files or a specific group
- Reducing risk and cost of data storage and reduce unwanted
- View the "disk" (actual space consumed) for each file or folder
- Distribution of files based on file type, age and size
- Find and delete empty folders
- Supports 32-bit and 64-bit systems
- Integrated scheduling
- Supports Unicode file names and folder
- Quick scan, multi-threaded, network-aware file
- Separate the largest, oldest, duplicate and temporary files
- View disk space usage by file type / attributes
- View local area networks and disk space usage by owner / group
- Command line interface for scripting and integration
- Report output in HTML, XML, CSV and ...
- Adjustable colors, fonts, print options, etc.
- Search and file reporting systems flexible, multi-path-oriented
- Strong support for the disk space allocated (eg "size on disk")
- "Command Prompt Here" in the context of all menus
- Support network UNC paths for direct entry of all reported

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