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Multimedia Builder v4.9.8.13

Multimedia Builder v4.9.8.13

Multimedia Builder v4.9.8.13

Multimedia Builder MP3 adalah solusi perangkat lunak canggih yang dirancang untuk membuat menu autorun CD, tutorial, peluncur file dan toolbar. aplikasi ini mempunyai beberapa pilihan, jendela utama menyediakan akses cepat ke semua fitur-fiturnya meskipun kita mungkin masih perlu kita lihat di file help. Multimedia Builder MP3 telah dirancang sebagai alat WYSIWYG, dukungan untuk format gambar yang paling populer, alat editing dan 24-bit dukungan warna.

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English Info
Multimedia Builder MP3 is an advanced software solution designed to create autorun CD menus, tutorials, file launchers and toolbars, cue cards and even tutorials. It does sound like a professional job and it really is and the first thing that comes to support this statement is the interface of the application.
Full of options, but well-organized and clean, the main window provides instant access to all its features although you may still need to have a look in the help file. The help manual comprises tons of information, so beginners should have no problem trying to figure out how to use the app. Multimedia Builder MP3 has been designed as WYSIWYG tool, so it comes with alignment tools, support for the most popular image formats on the market, editing tools and 24-bit color support.

Creating a new project is as easy as pie because the whole process can be conducted as part of a wizard that prompts you to enter specific information, such as company name and other pieces of text. You can change photos, backgrounds, sounds and basically every single object on the screen. Multimedia Builder MP3 also boasts alpha transparency masks for blending, background bitmap tiling, a wide array of special effects such as fire, bevel, blur and sharpen, layer and script language support.

Last but not least, Multimedia Builder MP3 also lets you create standalone executable files, with dedicated and advanced check project and compile output files capabilities. Although you don't need a super computer to run Multimedia Builder MP3, older machines may notice a minor slowdown in performance after loading the app.

But all in all, Multimedia Builder MP3 is definitely worth a ride. And even if it's pretty expensive, the wide range of built-in features makes it a top product.

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