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MediaMonkey merupakan sebuah alat audio yang memungkinkan kita untuk memainkan musik, mengatur musik, membakar CD(burning), dll. MediaMonkey memiliki banyak fitur yang tersedia serta fasilitas lain yang di sediakan aplikasi ini.

Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan sobat coba sendiri atau hanya sekedar menambah koleksi sobat saja, langsung aja kita ke Te Ka Pe.....

English Info
MediaMonkey is an audio tool that allows you to play, burn, tag, and organize music supported by the most popular audio formats. The installation process takes little time to complete, and you have the possibility of installing MediaMonkey as a portable version, in case you don\'t want to risk changing the system registry files. The user interface is pretty standard. Thanks to the well-developed online help section, users can learn how to navigate through MediaMonkey.
Party Mode is a feature of MediaMonkey that prevents any modifications from being made to your files, or to the configuration of the software, while Sleep mode allows you to configure the time to play, whether to shutdown at the end, or gradually fade the volume. Categories include Music, Podcast, Playlists, Media Servers, and Net Radio (access to the SHOUTcast and Icecast radio). Track managing includes editing track properties and album information, album art, auto-tag from filename, converting formats, and others. In addition, you can burn an audio CD, data CD/DVD/BD, or erase it. For some reason, even when MediaMonkey is not performing a task, CPU and memory resources are considerably used.
The truth is that MediaMonkey has a lot of features and buttons, but they are not very well organized. Plus, the interface is too large for a media player (you have to maximize it to easily navigate). And you have to get the MediaMonkey Gold to access more advanced features. The bottom line is that MediaMonkey still needs some work, but it's not to be ignored either. It basically intends to cover all features in the audio department. And it's free to try!

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