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Award Keylogger v2.5

Kali ini saya bukan mau membagikan award melainkan akan share aplikasi yang namanya Award Keylogger, dari namanya mungkin sobat semua bisa menebak kegunaan aplikasi ini. Ok deh akan ane jelasin sedikit mengenai aplikasi ini.
Award Keylogger sering digunakan sebagai mata-mata dalam hal pencatatan apa yang telah dikerjakan dalam lappy kita ataupun PC kita. Aplikasi ini lumayan berguna bagi sobat semua untuk mengetahui kegiatan yang dilakukan adik, anak ataupun saudara kita selama kita tidak menggunakannya lappy ataopun PC kita. Bisa diibaratkan aplikasi ini sebagai mesin pencatat jadi kita bisa memonitoring apa yang telah dikerjakan mereka dalam lappy ataupun PC kita.
Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan rekan-rekan coba sendiri, atau hanya sekedar untuk koleksi saja.
Langsung aja kita ke Te Ka Pe...

English Info
Sometimes we use our computer system that is available to other users and others who are using it, sometimes you need to know other users who use the system in which to surf sites or in the system, what are they looking for? Here the software like Award Keylogger can be many alternatives. With this simple tool can do all the work that has been stored in a computer system does. This tiny spy that the categories are useful to spies is even able to work together to automatically provide photos to be viewed using the performance of other users.
Useful features and capabilities of Award Keylogger can be hiding as part of Windows, save mouse movements, exchange information stored in the Messenger, in coordination with the various languages for reporting, record passwords typed and prepared in different environments Log of the sites visited. This means that the volume is very good as well as two 32-bit and 64-bit version installed and running and enjoying it there easily.

Features Software Award Keylogger v2.5 :
- Hiding as a tool for Windows
- Software is very easy to use even for beginners
- Ability to hide or run the software in Windows
- The Log of messages exchanged in an Instant
- Record information about passwords typed
- Continuing to provide screenshots of a user functions
- View the slideshow of screenshots
- Register all done with mouse clicks and movements
- Save All Sites Visited
- Mantyvryng All Users in the system
- Hide the Startup software
- Compatible with a variety of languages for keyboard keys
- Ability to save the output as an HTML file
- Compatible with different versions of Windows, including the popular Windows 7
- And ...

How to activate:
- The free software WinRar remove files from the compressed mode.
- In the last step should not be performed to remove a tick-related programs.
- In case the program will automatically run. Environment outside of the software, you mentioned some software programs were not fully closed and its icon appears in your task bar and you should right click on the icon and selecting program Exit or Quit the application can run out of state.
- After installing the files installed in the Patch folder, copy and then run the software to activate your software. Note Patch is required after the implementation of the right menu option and then select All File to crack in the window, select File wak.

Screen Shoot

Unduh File
Untuk unduh file silahkan klik teks dibawah :
AwardKeyLogger 86Bit With Patch
AwardKeyLogger 64Bit With Patch
Pass : Lihat Disini

Aplikasi ini akan terinstal di driver c:\windows\System32\Kaward
Copy file Patch ke directory tersebut kemudian jalankan.

Alangkah lebih baik jika kita membelinya langsung secara legal ^_^
Semoga Bermanfaat

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